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An affordable dream

I know a lot of game is still on before the results of Elections are announced – though the whole result would primarily revolve around one question ‘Modi or no Modi’. But meanwhile it would be a good mind game to fancy that Modi has really got his Mission 272+ realized, and he is finally sworn in as the next Prime Minister of India. Then, what his next steps would be? We do our dream teams in cricket, football etc, so why not in politics! Continue reading

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Of Cabbages and Kings

Today morning I received a video via Twitter, and it deserved more than a RT (re-tweet), hence this blog-post. I urge you to watch the video completely, if not possible due to time at-least for first 10 minutes to have a taste of it.

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This article reached me through e-mail, in Marathi. It is about certain insights and proposed solutions for the well-being of Indian Economy, by an Economist – “Mr. Anil Bokil”. I felt it deserves much larger audience, hence this post…It would surprise most of us, if I say that the Indian Currency is one of the root-causes; why Indian Economy is suffering from black money, corruption etc. To be precise, the currency-notes above Rs. 50.

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The Aam Adami Paradox

It’s difficult to be against AAP, and it’s even more difficult to be on the side of AAP. The former because of the sheer concept, the spirit, the spontaneity of it – the later because its execution, or rather abuse.
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